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Rare Books, Maps & Atlases: Birmingham-Southern College Collection Session I

Wednesday July 31st

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Rare Books, Maps & Atlases: Birmingham-Southern College Collection Session II

Thursday August 1st

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Sports Cards & Memorabilia + Comics & Collectibles

Wednesday August 21st

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Client Testimonials

"We first saw Grant on PBS Television and when we saw where he was from it immediately piqued our interest. We recently inherited a large collection of our late uncle’s property and were trying to figure out how to share his collection with people who would value it and appreciate it’s significance rather than just leave it all stored in a box, where no one would ever see and appreciate it. As a classic movie TV host and published Oscar historian, he was let me just say, not only an expert on the subject, but a serious collector of all things “Classic Movies”. We were quite overwhelmed with the sheer volume of the collection he had acquired and left to us. We called Grant and he came and looked over the collection with us. The more we talked, the more impressed we were with his expertise, knowledge and connections. He knew people to call we would never have been able to find. As a result of the tireless work of Grant and his team we continue to be so pleased with his work and the way he is helping us honor our uncle’s collection by sharing it with so many appreciative buyers. Grant, thank you and your team so very, very much."
–Robert Osborne’s family
"I could not be more pleased with my experience in working with Grant Zahajko. Knowing that he had the outlet to get my items authenticated, and put up for auction, made me realize that I had made the right choice in contacting him for help. My trust in him led me to have no reservations in sending my items to him. The communication I received through phone calls and emails was off the charts. I was kept abreast of every step right through to the sale of my items.  It would be a pleasure to be able to work with him in the future."
–Sally W., Oshkosh, Wisconsin
"Hello, I will look over the items in your upcoming book auction with great interest and definitely expect to bid. I am writing however to thank you very much for the outstanding service provided after I purchased 3 lots in your recent ‘Ceramics etc.’ auction in late July. All were in superb condition when received thanks to your substantial care in packing. (I now have no need for a long, long while to purchase foam peanuts!) The shipping charge was extremely reasonable and all of my ‘treasures’ are now proudly displayed in my home. Your company was not on my proverbial radar before, but it most certainly is now! Many thanks, from One Super Satisfied Customer"
–Johanne, Blaine, Washington
"Dear Zahajko team, From a perspective from Europe I really want to thank you for your excellent inhouse shipping service wiht a fair fee. This is the reason I like to bid in your auctions. You do it like allmost all European auction houses, but for the US this is the absolute exception. My experience many times is, that auction houses in the US do not care about shipping and external shipping companies use this to apply a sort of blackmail to the customers and take outrages prices. You are different and that is great. Stick to it and many thanks,"
–Sebastian M., Germany
"I am a first time user with Grant's online auction platform. I found it extremely easy to review, peruse and most of all, I had such fun watching the items sell right before my eyes. It was as though I was in his Auction House. I am preparing for the next one already!"
–Judy M., Bethesda, Maryland

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