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Bummed you missed that last live auction? Want to peruse some great back room finds? Grant Zahajko Auctions is now offering timed auctions via Invaluable. These sales will be stocked full of great items, some new to auction, some here to see another day, and some just plain awesome finds.

What Can Grant Zahajko Auctions Do for You?


We offer personalized and confidential auction services reaching millions making every effort to get your items maximum exposure worldwide.


We are always striving to offer interesting objects for all levels of collecting in the most fair and professional manner to all.


Client Testimonials

"When I first met Grant Zahajko I knew immediately that he was someone I could trust to send our rare 1960's Jimi Hendrix rock poster to auction. What impressed me about Grant is that he listens to your questions and responds in a timely manner — a true professional! He is extremely knowledgeable about the collectibles market and if further research is needed, he will do so to garner the best price. If you want someone you can trust, someone who's knowledgeable and someone who will work to represent you at auction, I would definitely recommend contacting Grant."
–Ann W., Syracuse, New York
"I am a first time user with Grant's online auction platform. I found it extremely easy to review, peruse and most of all, I had such fun watching the items sell right before my eyes. It was as though I was in his Auction House. I am preparing for the next one already!"
–Judy M., Bethesda, Maryland
"For the past year I have been working with Grant Zahajko, auctioneer, researcher, and antique expert as our family goes through collections and collectables. He is very knowledgeable about their value at auction and he is respectful to the emotions a family has when contemplating parting with their historical mementos. Not only is he an expert but his resources for both buyers and sellers reaches out worldwide. He knows the current markets and the value things will sell for. He has a huge data base of clientele and collections that his company reaches. My favorite part of working with Grant is his enthusiasm and excitement when unearthing historical collections, and teaching me what they are, their age, origin, and who will be delighted to find these treasures to add to their collections. I highly recommend Grant as an auctioneer and expert."
–Marty H. B., Lake Forest Park, Washington

Grant — Personally

As a third generation Auctioneer, Grant Zahajko grew up in the auction business. He has spent nearly 30-years specializing in sports cards & memorabilia, coins, toys, books, artwork, ephemera, antiques and more. He has catalogued and conducted hundreds of general auctions and specialty auctions in these areas of interest.

Through his experience with auctions and private sales, Grant has assisted thousands of collectors in the acquisition and evaluation of items. He has also helped raise money for local charities by volunteering to auction at their events.

Grant currently owns and operates an auction gallery, Grant Zahajko Auctions, l.l.c, in Davenport, Washington. Additionally, Grant has enjoyed serving as a collectibles and sports memorabilia appraiser for Antiques Roadshow since 2011.

He is also a recognized expert of sports cards and memorabilia, historical items including ephemera, autographs and documents, antique photographs and postcards, as well as 20th-century Northwest and American art.

When Grant isn’t busy with auctions and Antiques Roadshow, he enjoys spending time on the lake boating and fishing, and appreciating nature sitting on his patio at home with his wife, Gina, and their dog Precious.

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